We will be CLOSING the spa for 30 days starting 3/16/20 to to ensure the safety of our clients and staff. In the event we determine it okay to open sooner we will let you know.

As most of you may already know there is an outbreak of a respiratory virus called, Covid-19 (Corona Virus) around the world. 


To help keep our clients, and staff safe and healthy, we are asking that all clients that are dealing with any respiratory illness should contact us to reschedule their appointments and seek medical attention. If at any point any of our staff become ill, they will no longer be able to accept appointments due to staying home and healing, so expect some rescheduling on our end in the event of staff illness.

We are not majorly concerned about this due to our already high disinfecting and sanitation practices and policies, but we are taking extra measures to try to ensure ultimate safety for all and ask that our clients do their part in rescheduling their appointments if they are ill or have been around ill people recently.

How we are trying to ensure the safety of our clients & staff members amid this virus pandemic :

*Most of these steps are normal everyday procedures here at the spa, and should be done at any salon or spa but we want to clarify everything.


》 Disinfecting & Sanitizing

We have a strict disinfecting and sanitation process here at the spa normally. We ensure after every client all the treatment rooms are stripped of linens, all surfaces are wiped down with disinfectant, any disposable tools are thrown away, and all reusable tools are cleaned with hot water/soap, disinfected in barbicide and all metal tools are autoclaved. As per our common areas such as the reception, bathroom, changing room, and sauna, we have set cleaning and disinfecting protocols per each area. The showers, changing room, and sauna are always cleaned after each use with a disinfectant. To help keep many germs from spreading we will be trying to do bathroom cleanings after each use. As well as wiping down our reception area after each client. All doorknobs and doors in treatment rooms will be wiped down after each client and all common area doorknobs and doors will be wiped down numerous times per day. Floors will be swept/vacuumed and mopped with a disinfectant throughout each day. We will be spraying the entire spa with disinfectant at end of each day as well. All linens will be washed in hot water and dried at the maximum heat to ensure sanitation. We will have multiple bottles of hand sanitizer around the spa and all staff members are already required to wash their hands thoroughly between clients and use hand sanitizer throughout their services. We are doing everything we can to ensure the safety of our clients and staff always!

》 Staff

We will be providing our staff members with masks and gloves to be used during all plausible services. Our esthetician has been doing this since day one and now all of service providers will be required to. The only services where gloves will not be worn is massage but hand washing and hand sanitizer will be used vigorously before and after each appointment like it has always been. Our regular policy is if at any point any staff member becomes ill, they are to reschedule all appointments until well. Our staff is here to help you and the best way we can do that is to ensure you feel comfortable and safe coming in for services at any time.

》 Interaction

Obviously with a spa setting you will have interaction with the service provider and staff. We are a smaller spa and do not have large groups of people in and out of our facility at the same time, thus reducing your chance of random human contact. We will be posting proper hand washing etiquette in the restroom and will be advising all clients to also use the hand sanitizer when arriving and leaving. We are adjusting our scheduling to minimize multiple appointments going on at the same time to assist with exposure to others. We appreciate all of our clients and want to ensure everyones safety, so we ask please no hand shakes or hugs between anyone for the meantime.


Our ultimate goal is to make all of our clients feel comfortable and taken care of, so we will

do everything we can to ensure that, even during this pandemic.

The wellbeing of our clients and staff is our #1 priority! We will do all we can to ensure this, but in the event we feel we can no longer can do that, we will inform you as possible. In the event we do have to close for a while we will have a few options for at home DIY spa services so you don't have to completly stop your selfcare and treatment progress.

For the time being though we are here and perfectly capable of offering all our services in a safe and

sanitary way, so feel free to click on our service tab and get your services booked!


If you have any questions or concerns please call/text or message us on social media.

(208) 541-5273

How we are responding to the Covid-19 outbreak