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Inspire Wellness Spa!

Our full-service Wellness Spa is located at Teton Valley Resort and just a drive away from Idaho Falls, Rexburg, Grand Targhee Ski Resort, and Yellowstone National Park



Signature Spa Package $225 

  • 60 Minute Massage

  • Signature Facial

  • Manicure (gels not incl.)

  • Pedicure (gels not incl.)

  • Opt. Sauna & Hot Tub Sessions

Mommy And Me Day $75

  • Mom's Express Manicure

  • Kid's Fresh Polish Coat

  • Mom's Express Pedicure

  • Kid's fresh Polish Coat

  • Mommy n' Me Spa Bags

  • Free Hot Tub Session!

Foot Zone Therapy

  • Energy point balance

  • Vegus Nerve Release

  • Zone Therapy



Ask about our Bridal, Anniversary and Seasonal Packages!

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S A U N A  

Nothing is more reinvigorating than a deep, healthy sweat every day. Tension fades. Muscles unwind. Mentally, we emerge relaxed, revived and ready for the day!


A few minutes is all it takes to look and feel better. The body’s response to gentle, persistent heat is well-documented and proven day in and out by people all over the world. Which is why more and more doctors are recommending its purifying benefits!



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